Bird Boarding of the Carolinas

Bird Boarding of the Carolinas operates out of the home of a local veterinarian and his wife just 15 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC. We are large and small parrot owners with years of experience in dealing with birds. We offer you peace of mind while your bird is with us, as they are housed in our very own home with 24-hour care. You do not have to worry about them being left alone in your home for someone to check on, or even in a boarding facility where they are alone at night and on weekends.

  • We provide clean and sanitized cages of all sizes - from canary to macaw size. You just need to bring a favorite toy and any special pellets that they like.
  • We provide fresh fruit and veggies daily, along with homemade birdie bread, nuts and homemade cooked foods that they enjoy.
  • Cages are cleaned daily, and water bowls are changed a few times a day if your bird does not use a water bottle.
  • The birds are housed in a very bright sunroom/den that overlooks a garden and fountain, which they enjoy listening to. Music is played all day long in their room. We provide covers at night for the birds.
  • We have several large tree stands all around the house that we like to put the birds on so they receive as much out of cage time as they would like.
  • We have experience in telling when a bird is not “acting quite normal ”, and we have a very good avian vet on call if your bird should need him while you're away.

Drop-off and pickup time is arranged around your schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

We have kept many birds long-term for clients who are transitioning in a move to or from our area; or are in the military and will be away for a while.

Clients bring us their birds from all over the Carolinas, and we have tons of references if needed.

Rates are very reasonable and range from $8-$15 a day, with discounts given to owners active in the military, and to those that are with us for 14+ days. Please book early for holiday dates and summer travel.

We would love to let your feathered friend "vacation with us" while you are away.

Please for additional information and for a phone number so you can speak with us personally!

(803) 984-0627